Microsoft Teams Integration


What is AHS Teams Connector?

  • Teams Connector is a bring your own PBX solution that turns Teams into a powerful phone system with built in collaboration.
  • Its an alternative to expensive Microsoft Calling plans that allow users to connect to Advanced Hosted Services PBX.
  • Why is this important?  By teaming up with Microsoft Advanced Hosted Services allows our customers to keep our award winning Hosted  PBX solution and integrate it with your Teams environment.

What to know before getting started

  • You will need access to the Microsoft Global Admin user.  This is the person within the organization who has credentials to make changes to your Teams account, purchase licenses and administrate Teams.
  • You will need a compatible main license and Phone system licenses. Click on links for licenses examples.
  • Once you have these licenses you will work with an Advanced Hosted Services engineer for implementation.

Advanced Hosted Services Pricing vs. Microsoft Direct Pricing



Phone System License $8.00 a month

Calling Plan Domestic $12.00 a month

Business Voice Plan $20.00 a month

Advanced Hosted Services Pricing

Calling Plan Teams only$ 10.00 per month

This plan includes VM, VM to email, Portal access Mobile App and all other PBX feature

Teams Integration Seat $5.00 (this is an add-on to an existing PBX user)

Why choose AHS for your Microsoft Calling Plan?

  • Support-AHS provides 24×7 telephone and on-line support with a real person. We understand businesses need to make changed to their phone systems on the fly.
  • Advanced Features AHS features such as Time Frames, Ring Groups, and user admin makes customizing your system fast and easy.  
  • Flexible solutions, AHS offers desk top phones, mobile applications and now Teams soft phones all in one package. This allows an organization to have a flexible workforce.  
  • Easy Migration, Migrate your service to AHS and Teams without spending months of time working with Microsoft tech support. 

Preview of Teams and AHS Admin Portal

Users can have multiple phones using one seat, Extension and DID (telephone number)