Dropbox and Zoom Announce New Strategic Partnership

A leader in modern enterprise video communications solutions, Zoom, recently announced the decision to form a new strategic alliance with collaboration platform Dropbox. Zoom is well-known throughout the world for its highly-accessible cloud-based platform for audio conferencing, video, collaboration, chat, and webinar tools. The first stage of its partnership with Dropbox – a leading file sharing solution, involves the creation of new integrated workflows within the apps, as a new investment into Zoom from Dropbox.
The new workflows will allow joint customers accessing both Zoom and Dropbox to collaborate seamlessly with the combined power of their video conferencing systems and collaboration service. The partnership ensures that Zoom will be able to offer expanded productivity to their customers, and it should expose the video communications leader to a wide selection of new Dropbox users too. Further phases of the partnership planned in the future will involve embedding Zoom deeper into the core of the Dropbox UI and product, as well as new go-to-market programmes.

Introducing the Dropbox and Zoom Integrated Workflow
Workers in businesses around the world today are looking for a more streamlined, and integrated workflow to boost productivity and simplify better performance. The new integrated workflow between Dropbox and Zoom will mean that users of both services will now have access to capabilities such as:
Within Dropbox, users have the opportunity to initiate or join Zoom meetings while they’re working on and viewing shared content. This integration will be built into the existing Dropbox Viewer information feature. This update ensures that users can seamlessly discuss content, communicate, and push projects forward faster
During Zoom Meetings, on the other hand, Dropbox users will have the option to share content such as slides, documents, and images from their Dropbox accounts. The documents will be displayed on screen, and the content that users access will be available to save back into Dropbox from an on-screen Zoom display. For instance, when you’re in the middle of a Zoom call, you can retrieve shared content in Dropbox and easily communicate any real-time changes that need to be made to that content while it’s being presented in the conversation
Supporting the New Age of Collaboration
The integrated experience between Dropbox and Zoom ensures that today’s business collaborators can enjoy the benefits of real-time, instant video communications within their content sharing and storage services. This should ensure that users can accomplish more, faster, with streamlined communication and content organisation features.
According to Zoom founder and CEO, Eric S. Yuan, the partnership with Dropbox was actually launched at the request of Zoom customers, who needed more immersive communication and collaboration experiences online. Both Zoom, and Dropbox are looking forward to growing their services together, and the integrated workflows will be available within the first half of 2019.

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